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Brain Injury Survivors: Narratives of Rehabilitation and Healing

by Laura S. Lorenz from Lynne Rienner Publishers
ISBN: 978-1588267283   2010, no eBook available


Hardcover 200-Pages
ISBN: 978-1588267283


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Editorial Reviews

 “Incredibly important…. a must-read for people who care about brain injury. Lorenz provides a genuinely fresh way of allowing survivors to provide their own perspectives on life-change experience. This innovative and touching book will change the way we think about—and respond to—the experience of brain injury survivors.  – Prof. Mark Sherry, University of Toledo

 "A well-conceived and beautifully written treatise. The book is clear and concise while still offering inspirational material that is obviously close to the author’s heart."
– Cheryl E. Daugherty, Issues in Mental Health Nursing


 "Offers a sensitive, innovative, and client-centered approach to working with individuals suffering from TBI..."

– C. Alexander Simpkins, Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter


Although millions of people are affected each year by brain injuries, what it is like to live with these injuries is often misunderstood. Dr Laura Lorenz delves into the experience of acquired brain injury (ABI) to reveal how survivors  make sense of their changed circumstances - and how social policies and medical expectations can enhance, or detract from, their quality of life.

Brain Injury Survivors traces individual journeys from diagnosis through rehabilitation, and evokes the reality of living with brain injury. The book also tackles the systemic problems undercutting the quality of current medical and social support, and encourages a fresh approach to the patient-provider relationship for people with disabilities.

Students and practitioners of rehabilitation therapies, medicine, social science, and social policy will find this refreshing book to be informative and useful. Brain injury survivors and their families will recognize their own experiences and find hope. Clinicians will discover a new approach to improving their care for persons with hidden disabilities.



  • Introduction
  • Acquired Brain Injury: What It Is and Why We Should Care
  • Learning from Brain Injury
  • Living with Frustration and Confusion
  • Encompassing Darkness and Light
  • Discovering a New Identity
  • Conclusion: Implications for Healing, Policy, and Future Research
  • Glossary

Laura is a senior research associate at Brandeis University's Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Read more about Laura by clicking here (Bio Page), or any of the other site page links above and below to visit the rest of her site.

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Brain Injury Survivors Narratives of Rehabilitation and Healing Author Events !



- Laura signs copies of her book at Newton Free Library,
Author Book Talk, Newton, MA. 2010 -


- Laura giving talk on her book at Newton Free Library,
Author Book Talk, Newton, MA. 2010 -

- Brain Injury Survivors book at the American Sociological
Association (ASA) annual meeting, Lynne Rienner Publishers Booth, Denver, CO. 2012 -


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Note Fact: The Newton Free Library has been recognized as
one of the top ten visited libraries in the country
 within its population range (wikipedia)


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