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Laura is available for lectures, seminars, and workshops on a variety of topics including lived experience with brain injury, using photography in research, and doing participatory research with patients and communities. For more information please visit the rest of our site. Contact her at:, or use our Online Contact form (here).

In 2011, Laura’s workshop “Talking with Pictures: Concepts and Hands-on Experience” won Best Workshop Award from the Association for Medical Education and Research on Substance Abuse (AMERSA). See workshop example here...

Would you like to leave a comment, review, or testimonial for Laura?  Contact her at:, or use our Online Contact form (here) to add to the testimonials below.


The following represents a sampling of comments received from folks on classes, lectures, seminars, workshops, and advice Laura has given on related topics.

"Dear Dr. Lorenz, I hope you're doing well. Thank you for the information about the body image project; I like that it interconnects your interests in storytelling that we discussed in class with my final paper topic... Additionally, I wanted to thank you, albeit a little belatedly, for your final comments on my paper, as well as for being so supportive throughout the semester. It really was a pleasure being in your class; I learned a lot from you and from my fellow classmates, and took away many valuable insights about social policy that I'm sure will help me in the future. Overall, after quite a stressful application year (as you know), Speaking of which, I believe I told you that I had been accepted to NYMC. Since then, I also got accepted off of the waitlist at the University of Rochester, and at SUNY Upstate Medical Center. Of the three, I have chosen the University of Rochester--so that's the destination for this fall, unless I hear back from any of the NYC schools that I'm still waitlisted at. Even though I will no longer be at Brandeis/in the area, I would love to keep in touch with you--, as well as to keep you updated on what I'm doing. Thanks again for a wonderful semester!" Sincerely –Ritika.W, Brandeis University.

“I wanted to thank you again for coming to Omaha to spend time with us this week and share your expertise on visual methods. I am so appreciative of your thoughtful and intentional approach to preparing your presentations…you did a fabulous job!” – Dr. Phyllis Nsiah-Kumi, Department of Internal Medicine, Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 

“I wanted to thank you for … the dynamic and innovative photo workshop last week. Our team had a wonderful time meeting some amazing individuals and learning about this exciting technology.” –K.W., InteractiveTHINK

“It was so wonderful to hear about your experiences and learn about such a unique research methodology.  I talked with many students who attended your talk on Thursday and they were inspired to learn more.  I connected them to your website and shared some of the workshop materials.  The workshop attendees had similar reactions and have talked to me about integrating photovoice into their ongoing research projects.  Our faculty was also inspired to find ways to use photovoice in many different ways throughout our program. Thank you for coming out to the west coast and sharing your expertise.  I hope that we can stay in touch and share all the ways that your visit has impacted our campus community!” --Carinne Brody, Assistant Professor, Global Health, Public Health Program, College of Education and Health Sciences, Touro University, California

“I had been interested in using visual methods in research, but never had chance to learn before participating in your session. I was quite inspired by the way you use the photos as well as your passion to shed light on vulnerable populations and get their voices out through visuals. I am now thinking of integrating visual methods into my next study....” --Mineko Wada, University of British Colombia

“Many, many thanks! I will … continue the discussions on how to enable a study using this method. We were all three very pleased with the workshop. I am convinced this method (photo voice) has great potentials, in both therapeutic and scientific dimensions, and … can help provide deeper and different dimensions, especially from persons who have verbal difficulties or difficulties expressing themselves...” --Maria Lindström, Umeå University and Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

“I am a PhD student in cultural anthropology at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. I am currently in Russia conducting my dissertation fieldwork on disability activism. After working with my community here at my field site for about two months, I am now in the process of proposing a Photovoice methodology as we go forward. I am having a terrible time finding any already existing descriptions of Photovoice in Russian! I was excited to find your website…it's a resource I can share with local activist to say – hey – I'm not making this up, I swear!! This is really valuable, given that the whole concept of participatory research reads like an oxymoron in Russian (where authoritative and hierarchical structures are so the norm). Anyway, glad to find the resources you have put together. --C.H., University of North Carolina

“I want to say thank you for your website and your research!  I'm a Brazilian doctoral student in nursing at the University of San Paul (USP-Brazil), and I am doing research with garbage workers in Brazil, using photovoice. Your studies and work are so wonderful! And I like the education area and the possibility to articulate it with health area. Thanks!”  --T.G., University of San Paulo Brazil

“Thank you for the excellent training. While we were excited going in it definitely exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful to benefit from your expertise!” – Rachel Venere, Department of Public Health, Waterbury, CT

 “I just wanted to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me about your fascinating study using photovoice. It was very helpful and I am very appreciative – especially as I begin to analyze and write up my results!” – L.A.I., Toronto, Canada

“Thanks so much for walking me through the process!  I will try to do
the project in India in the future…”
–L.W., Rochester Institute of Technology

Laura offers workshops on Photovoice for educators, facilitators, service providers, researchers, development workers, and others seeking to gain conceptual and hands-on experience with this dynamic community assessment and reflection method. Workshops are tailored to meet audience needs. Participants leave ready to design and implement a project in their local context. A CD of conceptual and practical materials for applying Photovoice and managing project logistics and outreach is provided as well.

For more information on details, content, customization, costs, etc of Photovoice Lectures or Workshops please click here. Contact Dr Laura S. Lorenz directly at, or use our Online Contact form (here).

Homepage | Bio | Books | Curriculum Vitae | Presentations & Papers | Research & Other Projects | Lectures & Workshops

Photovoice ( -Projects  -Workshops| Contact | Testimonials | Links

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